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We're Part of The Panhandle Gives!

Why Give during Panhandle Gives?

When you give to your favorite charity during the Panhandle Gives Campaign (November 23 –December 1) your gift goes further because of the Amarillo Area Foundation Amplification Fund. This year, the amplification fund given by the Harrington Foundation along with other corporate sponsors will mean that more than, $450,000 additional dollars will be shared with area nonprofits based on a percentage match of what each individual nonprofit raised during the campaign.The more a nonprofit organization raises,the larger their percentage match from the amplification fund.

How to Give

In order for your gift to be amplified, contributors must give in one of these ways:

  • Give online at The Amarillo Area foundation is covering the online fees!


  • Give at area banks to The Panhandle Gives (note favorite charity in the memo). Participating banks are Amarillo National Bank, FirstBank Southwest and Happy State Bank.