About Revivify Coffee

Revivify Coffee is one of our newest vocational programs. We started importing and roasting high grade arabica beans in 2018. At first the coffee was available on a very small scale when we visited local churches throughout the panhandle. Response was so strong that by the end of the year we were in talks with United Supermarkets to have our 2 best selling products available in Amarillo and Canyon. February of 2019 we rolled out across 8 stores in the area including Market Street and Amigos. United Supermarkets have always had a history of giving back to the communities throughout West Texas so it's no surprise they have been terrific partners to work with!

In the summer of 2019 we acquired a mobile coffee shop to be able to serve our coffee at the Amarillo Community Market and other events. Our coffee is roasted, processed and packaged by the students of Life Challenge, which gives them the chance to learn skills in the rapidly expanding industry of specialty coffee and  areas such as logistics, marketing, customer service and more.

We love the fact that students are learning new skills while we generate revenue for the ministry but the best part of our coffee program is when we are out through various channels in the community and get the opportunity to share with someone whose loved one is struggling with addiction and get to share with them the hope we have found in new life free from the chains of addiction!