My name is Shannon Underkoffler.  I am a graduate of Teen Challenge.  Over the last few years God has done a radical transformation in my life.  Going from being a drug and alcohol addict, living in my van, to the last three years being involved in full time ministry.  There is no way that I could do any of what I am about to tell you without the amazing, life changing power of Jesus Christ working in me. 

 Three years ago, I started serving full time at Life Challenge as the work therapy coordinator, working closely with the students.  After about a year, Brother Daniel asked me to start teaching Group Studies for New Christians.  This is something I never expected to do, but God has a way of stretching us and growing us as long as we are willing to put our full trust in Him.  After about six months of faithful serving, Brother Daniel and Sister Tracy suggested I get plugged into a church.  God quickly opened the door for me to begin playing on the worship team at Arena of Life.  As the months passed, I was also asked to help with the youth group, something I never thought I would be good at, but God did!  After a couple of months serving with the youth, I met a beautiful woman of God.  A walk of faith is hard to see what or where God is taking us, but if we continue to trust in Him, He is faithful.  I said all that to say a year and a half later we are happily married, plus I get the honor of being a father to a beautiful little seven-year-old named Avery.  God is amazing!  If all that was not enough of how amazing our God is, my wife and I are now the Youth Directors at Arena of Life Church!  I am currently still serving full time at Life Challenge as the Men’s Manager.  I use the very thing that the enemy tried to take me out with to help change the lives of men struggling with the same addictions I once had.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself because of the way God is able to take broken things and turn then into useful vessels.


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Posted by Life Challenge of Amarillo on Saturday, December 5, 2015