Pastor Ty Jones Bio

Pastor Ty Jones, a former professional rodeo cowboy, was saved after a dramatic encounter with God in 1972. Not knowing if God existed, Ty cried out to Him, asking Him to change his life. This life changing moment propelled him into a position to minister at rodeos and churches by sharing his testimony and preaching the word of God.

Through his faith Ty began a successful cattle-buying business that covers the entire southwestern United States. He also owns and operates a cattle ranch in New Mexico. In 2000, Ty and his wife began Amarillo Cowboy Church, in Amarillo, Texas as an outreach to the western world. The church, now known as Arena of Life Church is home to more than eight hundred members and has also produced churches in Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas as well as International churches in Uganda and Mozambique. Thousands have been saved, healed, and delivered through their ministry. Ty has appeared on TBN and other networks.